July 2020
Landing and Take-off by a Red-Tailed Hawk (2 July 2020
Catching Up: Herons (5 July 2020
Watching Great Blue Herons (6 July 2020
Catch Up: Great Egrets (9 July 2020
Peregrine Falcons (23 July 2020
A Red-Tailed Hawk, Grooming Itself (25 July 2020
The Central Park Pond (26 July 2020

The Central Park Pond

26 July 2020

I had a great time this morning at the Central Park Pond: a black-crowned night heron, an egret that found some prey, a turtle that decided it wanted to be under a bench instead of in the water, a wood duck, and a great blue heron perched in a tree. I should note: that bird showed why one should not park a car under a tree in which a heron perches…