I'm Steve Bellovin. This is my personal photography blog. It's mostly, but not entirely, nature; mostly, but not entirely urban; and mostly, but not entirely, birds.

The name of the blog comes from the comparatively recent understanding that dinosaurs didn't disappar; rather, birds are their descendants. As Scientific American put it,

Modern birds descended from a group of two-legged dinosaurs known as theropods, whose members include the towering Tyrannosaurus rex and the smaller velociraptors. The theropods most closely related to avians generally weighed between 100 and 500 pounds — giants compared to most modern birds — and they had large snouts, big teeth, and not much between the ears. A velociraptor, for example, had a skull like a coyote's and a brain roughly the size of a pigeon's.

And why birds? I have no better reason than that for some years, I've enjoyed photographing them.


The tags on blog posts give the approximate location of the pictures. To see all of my pictuers from a given location, use the tag index. Those locations are sometimes coarse, e.g., "Philadelphia". Some individual pictures are accompanied by maps or location links. The pictures on the blog posts are always links to a higher-resolution version.

All of the photographs on this blog are free to reuse under a Creative Commons attribution/non-commercial license. That means that you need to give me credit and that you can't use the pictures commercially. On your blog? Fine. Twitter? Of course. To illustrate your book Birds of Ruritania? Nope, unless you have received permission from me. (N.B.: if in doubt about what is "commercial", see the legal language.)