December 2019
Morningside Park (1 December 2019
Birds in the Snow (2 December 2019
A Great Blue Heron in the Loch (7 December 2019
A Bald Eagle! (8 December 2019
A Bathing Bird (12 December 2019
A Stroll Through Central Park (20 December 2019
Inwood Hill Park and Morningside Park (21 December 2019
Morningside and Riverside Parks (24 December 2019
Central Park (25 December 2019
30 Favorite Bird Photos of 2019 (28 December 2019

30 Favorite Bird Photos of 2019

28 December 2019

Since the “real” media does year-end roundups, I figured I could as well. These are my 30 favorite bird photos of this year. (I supposed I could wait three more days and try for some more—but if I manage any more shots I love, I'll simply post an update…)

These are my favorites because—well, because I like them. Most (though not all) are, I think, very good or excellent photographically. There are some rare birds included, but also soem very common ones. Often, it's just the pose that I like.

Oh, and why 30? Because narrowing it down to some other multiple of five was too hard.

Enjoy! (And for those new to this blog: there are always high-resolution versions of each of the pictures—just click through. Your browser's “View image” function is helpful if you want to see the largest version.)

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