October 2019
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Central Park; Morningside Park (13 October 2019
Central Park (14 October 2019
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Central Park; Morningside Park

13 October 2019

I had fun walkind around yesterday taking pictures. I did get to see the pin-tailed whydah, which is probably an escapee, since it's native to sub-Saharan Africa, not New York. I'm not sure which gave me more satisfaction to see, this very pretty, rare bird, or the Cooper's hawk I saw a bit earlier—I was told where to go for the whydah, but found the hawk myself.

It was also nice seeing the red-tailed hawk at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. I hadn't seen any hawks there in about six weeks, and was starting to worry. But I spotted one yesterday, watched it fly across Morningside Park and alight on a building,and then move to a tree before heading further north and east. Better yet, at that point a second red-tail joined it. To cap things off, walking home today I again saw a red-tail atop St. John's. I don't know if they were off visiting family in New Jersey, but I'm glad they're back!